Al-Gar Federal Credit Union
Seeking someone responsible for the development, implementation, and maintenance of the Credit Union’s operations and public relations plan.

Normal Duties:

1. Provides leadership and direction, and guide’s credit union activity to ensure short and long-range goals and objectives are met.
2. Develops overall policies and directs their accomplishments.
3. Manages the credit union’s assets and ensures effective operations and service.
4. Accounts for the effective staffing and management of the credit union.
5. May manage investments and/or other critical credit union functions.
6. Is responsible for the day-to-day operations of the following credit union organizational components. (Operations, administration, human resources, finance.)
7. Directs the activities of subordinates and represents the credit union to regulatory agencies and other financial organizations, trade organizations, and other at his/her discretion.
8. Prepares and coordinates financial goals, prepares all financial reports, projects income, expenses, profits, and asset/liability growth.
9. Prepares the annual budget, administers and manages investments, manages accounting program, prepares regulatory reports, exercises authority with respect to employment, promotions, transfers, performance appraisals, salary increases and terminations.
10. Work closely with the Board of Directors and committees on all aspects of the credit union’s operations, goals and programs.
11. Research and recommend product or service enhancement to provide quality member service.
12. Serve as loan officer when needed.
13. Initiation and/or verification of wire transfers.
14. Maintain an accurate record of sick time and vacation leave for each employee.
15. Responsible for ensuring proper collection practices.
16. Hold periodic staff meetings to discuss areas needing improvement, changes in procedures, new developments or services and to present general information.
17. Will be held accountable to board of directors and report at every monthly Board meeting.
18. Review and establish lending policies.

Job Specifications and Qualifications:

1. Professional, well-developed communication skills necessary for projecting a positive image as representative for the Credit Union. Proper grammar and language skills, ability to effectively express oneself through written media.
2. Experience in supervising and management with public speaking experience required.
3. Knowledge of the Credit Union movement and philosophy preferred.
4. Must have the ability to work with people and deal with adverse situations.
5. A college degree is preferred. Experience in the financial industry.

To apply send resume to Al-Gar Federal Credit Union, Board of Directors, 316 Paca Street, Cumberland, MD 21502