Young Professionals Network

Young Professionals Network
The MD|DC Credit Union Association's Young Professionals Network (YPN) is for credit union professionals ages 40 and under. The goal of this group is to give young professionals an opportunity to develop and strengthen their skills to become the future leaders of the Credit Union Community, assist Credit Unions in recruiting young professionals as employees and volunteers, and create a strong network of young professionals to advance the credit union industry. The group will focus on leadership and professional development, networking, volunteer engagement, mentoring, collaboration and more.

Mission Statement: Cultivating the next generation of young professionals to advance the credit union movement through leadership, community outreach, networking and advocacy.

Joining YPN is free. Costs will vary for events, training sessions, etc.

When you join the YP Network, you’ll get access to a network of credit union young professionals, networking opportunities, a quarterly newsletter and professional development opportunities.

Contact Leigh Philibosian at or 443-325-0768. Or, Chrystal Hunter at or 443-325-0772 for more information.

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