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DC-Metro Sister Society

The DC Sister Society of the Global Women’s Leadership Network has partnered with the MD|DC CUA to bring professional development and networking opportunities to credit union leaders across the capital area! Men are encouraged to attend, too!

Join us for the FREE 2019 programs, featuring key topics of interest to you and dynamic, expert speakers who will help you find your voice, your strengths and your tribe. Credit union business partners, if you’re interested in sponsoring or participating in any of these events, !

Save the Dates!

Session 1:

April 26 –Salary Negotiation Workshop at MDDCCUA in Columbia, Md., sponsored by BC Consulting Strategies

What are you worth? Many don’t understand their worth in their professional endeavors nor do they know how to get it. This workshop will prepare you to determine your value to your credit union or related company and successfully negotiate for it. We’ll discuss the many hang-ups people experience during the salary negotiation process and how to work with and around them.


June 4 – Women and Finance at MDDCCUA Annual Meeting, Ocean City, Md.

Women often begin their careers earning less than their male counterparts, which means smaller dollar amounts on those percentage-based raises and less opportunity for financial stability in retirement. Following up on our salary negotiation session, you will learn about your own options for a brighter financial future, as well as what you can do for your employees and credit union members.

Oct. 25 – Bryn Conway of BC Consulting presents Get Your C-Legs at MDDCCUA in Columbia, Md.

The skills that made you a top-performing manager are different than those required of an effective C-suite leader. As an executive, you must constantly look up and out, managing relationships and focusing on your organization’s strategy for the future. You will learn how to live every day at a strategic level, let go of time-consuming tasks and lead your team by articulating clear purpose and vision. Learn to navigate the choppy waters of the C-suite.

We hope to see you all there for great educational content and networking!

GWLN Contacts

Nicole Bowen
Bryn Conway
Sarah Snell Cooke
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Leigh Philibosian