Credit Union Awareness Initiative

CUNA introduces the Credit Union Awareness Initiative at the 2018 GAC

CUNA and the Creating Awareness Advisory Group, which includes MD|DC Credit Union Association CEO John Bratsakis and industry leaders nationwide, have built a modern brand platform for the credit union category. Based on national consumer research, the brand platform enables the credit union category, working together to establish a clear national identity that will complement the unique brands of individual credit unions and leagues, informing consumers about what credit unions are and what we do.

Extensive national research found two myths related to credit unions that consumers believe are barriers to consideration. The brand platform and accompanying creative material are meant to shift perceptions from:

• I can’t join to – There is a credit union for me
• It’s only local – I can access my money anywhere

A new messaging guide is designed to help unify language and tone about the credit union industry. You can also learn more from the list of frequently asked questions.