Strategic Planning


PlanningProPlanning Pro is a complete strategic planning solution from CU Solutions Group that helps you better execute your strategic plan and create an environment of accountability. It equips you with the tools needed to craft and manage a successful strategic plan with ease and confidence. Its flexibility empowers you to control the amount and level of detail included, and generate easy-to-absorb reports. 


logo cooperative strategiesCooperative Strategies is a unique consulting collaborative that has customized integrated strategies and tactics for successful credit unions since 1991. John Parsons, the founder, also has had the good fortune to be inside credit unions as a CEO, EVP and COO. He works in a relaxed, energizing partnership with the cu team and brings in resources based upon what's needed. His partner in Strategy, Steven Joiner, is well-known to local credit unions as former EVP of the DC League and SVP of CUSI at MD|DC CUA. He also was President of the CUSO at a $2 billion credit union, so is quite knowledgeable about non-interest income sources.

While each credit union is different, disciplined focus results in performance that embraces cultural alignment, financial strength, operational efficiency and sustainable growth. 

John Parsons
Cooperative Strategies