CU Analyzer

MD|DC partners with Callahan & Associates to provide CU Analyzer as a dues-supported product.

CU Analyzer provides yearlong credit union-specific financial literacy training for your entire credit union. Users can look at performance metrics specific to their job function, along with definitions and custom analysis explaining what the numbers mean. Gauge your credit union's performance with easy-to-generate charts, analytical text for key ratios, 5-star performance ratings, customizable peer groups, and more.

Easy-to-read charts and star-based performance rating systems with easy to read information. Plus, you can send automatic alerts to go out when data is updated each quarter, keeping everyone up to date on the latest performance trends.

CU Analyzer allows you to:

  • Understand key financial ratios, with definitions and analysis for every measure
  • Identify your credit union's strengths and weaknesses
  • Easily generate charts and graphs for sharing with your staff and board
  • Create custom peers groups so you can compare results with relevant credit unions

Click HERE to access CU Analyzer

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