Supervisory Committee Certification

Online & On-Demand Certification Series for Supervisory Committees led by Ancin Cooley

Supervisory Committee members juggle busy schedules along with their credit union responsibilities, making it challenging to find time to meet for group trainings. Given the scope of their responsibilities, it's important that committee members have access to the most comprehensive training available.

The MD|DC Credit Union Association is partnering with Ancin Cooley of Synergy Credit Union Consulting to offer robust and engaging online training that not only instructs, but also gives committee members access to the video content and resources for a full year. Upon completion, participants will be certified for three years. Check out the video below to find out more:

The online training includes  5 instructional modules:
1. Your Role as a Supervisory Committee Member
2. Understanding Your Audit Universe
3. The month-to-month work expected of the Supervisory Committee
4. The Supervisory Chair Role and it’s Responsbilities
5. Deep Dive: Understanding your Audit Reports

Each module contains multiple short and easy-to-comprehend video units; printable key definitions and takeaways; a quiz; and a bonus video containing instructor insight – which is a quick, informal, conversational summary and some parting wisdom from Ancin Cooley.

For more information, check out the FAQS

To register, please click here. When registering, please use the code: MDDCSuper10%

You can download the flyer here.
If you have any questions, please contact Training and Events Manager Chrystal Hunter for more information 443.325.0772.