Let Maryland Lawmakers Know It's Time to Protect Consumers From Data Breaches

While Congress waits to pass national security standards to protect consumers from data breaches, the Maryland General Assembly has the opportunity to take action now.

The Maryland Consumer Financial Protection Act of 2019 includes provisions for stricter and more consistent consumer notification standards as well as stronger accountability standards. The Association will testify on the bill on Wednesday, March 13.

We need your help to engage in a true grassroots effort to let state lawmakers know that you support this bill which would make Maryland the first state in the nation to specifically allow financial institutions to recoup costs related to a data breach. Here’s what the bill does:

• Maintains the exemption for credit unions and other financial institutions that meet the requirements under the Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act for a comprehensive data security program.

• Removes the current ambiguity in the law that requires companies to complete an internal investigation prior to the established 45-day notification window for a data breach.

• Instead, retains the 45-day notification window with the provision, “following the discovery of a data breach, unless law enforcement directs the business to delay notification.”

• Provides credit unions and other financial institutions with the ability to recover costs through civil legal action against business entities and vendors that are breached, and negligence is determined to be the cause of the breach.

Please visit: https://www.protectconsumerdata.com to send a message to your representatives in the Maryland General Assembly that it’s time to put consumers first and get serious about data breach protections.