Support Grows for Open Your Eyes!

This month Open Your Eyes has reached new heights in support for the Awareness initiative.

There are now 525+ contributing organizations that have pledged $36+ million dollars. Monthly increases are illustrating the confidence in the movement. But this is only the beginning. There are still a lot many more credit unions that are eager to bring the initiative to their states. 

The Awareness Initiative is being brought to life through the Open Your Eyes (OYE) awareness campaign.  It is a national movement to dispel the myths that continue to challenge consumer consideration of credit unions as the best financial partner. For some reason, people think they can’t join, and they can’t access their money nationwide with a credit union. The OYE initiative aims to eliminate those myths to encourage membership.

The OYE initiative is fun, fresh and presents a new way for consumers to view credit unions. Here are some stats on how OYE is performing across the United States this month.

                                       9.3                                                          45.7                                                                                  7
                 Million consumers reached                   Million impressions gained                        Million video views earned from start to finish