Working to Combat Existing Myths about Credit Unions

Readers prefer less text and more graphics in an article to hold their attention, requiring credit union communication and marketing professionals to get to the point quickly.

From the words you decide to use in your marketing materials, to the graphics you choose, everything has to line up to grab the attention of current and prospective members. Here are some Do’s and Don’ts when it comes to attracting new members and dispelling credit union myths.

DO- Illustrate how easy it is to join a credit union. The myth out there is membership is only for a chosen few and is hard to obtain. Dispel those myths by providing reassurance that joining a CU is not a hassle and does not require many steps. Reinforce this message through graphics that contain information with statistics or directions on how to join.

DON’T- Underestimate the need to show how widely accessible you are.

Examples of sentences that illustrate the ease of joining a credit union:

“Simple and seamless. You can join [insert CU here] and start getting more with your money today.”

“Better Rates, Better Future, Better Life”

“From college to retirement, we’re your financial guardian angel.”

You do not have to use the above sentences word for word, however using similar phrases to combat the myths that credit unions are behind the times is the goal. Keeping your messaging fun, fresh and optimistic is important in illustrating the ease of joining a credit union.