Maryland Legislative Roundup: Reigning in Taxes for Retirees and Reducing Senate Bills

To make the state more affordable for retirees, Governor Larry Hogan has proposed more than $1 billion in tax cuts for Maryland retirees.

Annapolis domeTax Relief
The proposal would benefit 230,000 Marylanders according to Hogan and would be phased-in over five years. Retirees making $50,000 a year or less would pay no income tax, while those taking in up to $100,000 a year would see their state taxes cut by at least half.

Bill Limit
There is an effort underway to limit the number of bills state Senators can introduce during each 90-day General Assembly session. Senators introduced 1,051 bills last year, with four Senators introducing more than 40 bills. Supporters say reducing the number of bills would enable the chamber to work more efficiently.

Data Breach
A hearing is scheduled next week for a bill the Advocacy Team has been working on to strengthen notification requirements when a data breach occurs. The Association’s Advocacy Team is drafting testimony for the January 29 hearing in the House Judiciary Committee.