Maryland Governor Hogan Orders All Non-essential Businesses in the State to Close

The Administration also launched the new COVID-19 Layoff Aversion Fund.

MD flag statehouse 280 x 220Hogan said the order, which takes effect at 5 p.m. today, does not include essential or critical industries as defined by the federal government: health care, law enforcement, emergency workers, food, energy, water, transportation, public works, communications, government, critical manufacturing, financial services, chemicals and defense. View the interpretive guidance on what constitutes an essential service, view the document provided by the governor's office here.

The Governor and the Maryland Department of Labor also announced the new COVID-19 Layoff Aversion Fund, which is designed to support businesses undergoing economic stresses due to the pandemic by preventing or minimizing the duration of unemployment resulting from layoffs. The award (up to $50,000 per applicant), will be a quick deployable benefit and customizable to the specific needs of your business to minimize the need for layoffs. Click here for more details.

Maryland has also authorized $130 million in loan and grant funding for small businesses and manufacturers to provide interim relief and proceeds that can be used to pay cash operating expenses including payroll, suppliers, rent, fixed debt payments and other mission critical cash operating costs. Find out more here.