DC Council Considers Extending Emergency Legislation

The Council is scheduled today to introduce a number of amendments to extend emergency laws addressing pandemic-related hardships.

The bills include:

Foreclosure Moratorium Extension Emergency Amendment Act of 2022 would extend the ban on residential foreclosures for homeowners facing COVID-19 financial hardship through June 30, 2022. The measure would also give homeowners with applications for certain government assistance programs (i.e. Homeowner Assistance Fund) additional time. If a homeowner is awaiting approval, payment or a decision on an appeal, they would have until September 30.

Public Health Emergency Credit Alert Temporary Amendment Act of 2022 would extend protections for DC residents who have been financially impacted by the COVID-19 emergency. The bill would prohibit certain “users” of credit reports (including landlords and non-bank lenders) from considering this adverse information if requested by the person experiencing credit issues. The bill specifically exempts federally chartered credit unions.

A public resolution is expected to be introduced by the Council to extend the public health emergency:

Public Health Emergency Extension Emergency Declaration Resolution of 2022 would extend the public health emergency in DC to March 17, 2022. The current declaration is set to expire January 26, 2022.