Bank On DC Shares Inclusive Banking Strategies

The MD|DC CUA attended a Bank On DC meeting on inclusive banking strategies for the unbanked and underbanked populations.


IMG 22622David Rothstein, Cities for Financial Empowerment Fund, Carla Decker CEO of DC FCU, LaTesha Wheeler of DC FCU and Rory Murray, Director of Advocacy Maryland & DC Credit Union Association.

Both DC Federal Credit Union and Democracy Federal Credit Union have partnered with Bank On DC. Bank On DC is a DC Department of Insurance, Securities and Banking program that serves as a collaborative effort between the district, financial institutions, and non-profits. It also works to provide education to unbanked and underbanked households in the DC Metro Area. Carla Decker, CEO of DC FCU has been an integral member of Bank on DC for many years, working on improving the financial conditions of district residents. DC is home to over 37,000 unbanked households and 72,000 underbanked households who frequently use expensive financial services to complete financial transactions.