Webinar: How the USAA Remote Deposit Capture Court Decision Could Affect Your Credit Union

USAA was recently awarded $200 million in a U.S. District Court jury trial in a patent infringement lawsuit against Wells Fargo.

USAA filed suit in June 2018 against Wells Fargo alleging that the bank infringed on certain USAA patents for remote check capture (RDC).

Many credit unions have received letter from USAA asking them to negotiate license deals for using RDC technology that USAA claims to have developed. If USAA moves to enforce these patents, credit unions could face litigation. 

For more insight and information, register for a webinar on Wednesday, November 20, 1:00 - 2:00 pm, featuring CUNA and CUNA's patent litigation attorneys, to learn more about how the court's decision could impact credit unions.

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