First Financial Distributes Over $600,000 in Rewards to Members

In just the first quarter of 2019, First Financial Federal Credit Union has already distributed over $600,000 in rewards to members through their new “Better Rewards” checking account and Visa® credit card program.

This $600,000 is on top of more than $2 million in Loyalty Rewards awarded to members at the end of 2018.

First Financial checking account holders earned over $220,000 in checking dividends alone. In addition to earning dividends, these members could also receive rebates by using their Visa® debit card. Members with the Better Rewards checking account earned the highest yielding dividend and were eligible for additional debit card rebates. First Financial credit card holders were also rewarded this quarter and received over $385,000 in cash rebates.

“With the way the rewards are structured, it’s easy to see how they can add up so quickly,” remarked Eric Church, First Financial President and CEO. “We’re receiving amazing feedback from our members, who are beyond thrilled to be earning these kinds of rewards and to belong to a credit union that invests in its members in this way.”