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Formally known as Montgomery County Employees Federal Credit Union, Skypoint Federal Credit Union has successfully managed to create opportunities that have helped its growth in significant ways.  

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After a series of planning sessions that began in 2013, Skypoint FCU has increased its asset size, opened a new branch in Silver Spring, MD, boosted its millennial membership, and widened its reach of members to include various ethnicities and socioeconomic backgrounds.

The strategy behind the growth of SkyPoint FCU has been years in the making according to CEO Jim Norris. With the help of a series of planning sessions over the years highlighted by an important one facilitated by Callahan & Associates.  A detailed plan from Coopera helped to bring perspective to the Hispanic Banking Strategy, and branding help from Your Marketing Co-led to the SkyPoint FCU rebrand.  Earlier planning sessions highlighted the need to improve digital banking services and millennial engagement which ultimately moved the needle in both measures.                                                                                                                                                                               Jim Norris, SkyPoint CEO

Jim believes in the importance of having a strong strategic plan where you can periodically measure the progress being made to continuously improve your credit union.

"Credit unions trying to grow and stay on par with the competition have to remain relevant, which means to be digital in all facets of the credit union.  This will attract a younger membership base and also a younger staff – which is needed for now and in the future.  Make sure that products and services are priced appropriately and that members can take advantage of them seamlessly, quickly and with the fewest clicks possible if online or mobile."