Securityplus Positive Difference Award Winners Recognized for Helping a Member In Need

Brenton Smith, Facilities Assistant, and Charlotte Rogers, Executive Officer to the Board of Directors, were selected to receive the September Positive Difference Award for going above and beyond their job requirements.

Securityplus positive award 260 x 336Nominated for assisting a member in need, Brenton and Charlotte both reached out to help solve a member’s unexpected dilemma. Upon opening the secure door at the Securityplus headquarters, Charlotte was greeted by a disabled member who thought the site was a branch location where she could withdraw money. After explaining it was not, Charlotte spoke with the mobility driver to give him directions to the nearest branch. When the member learned from the driver she would need to make a new service pick-up call, she said she didn’t have enough money to pay for another pick-up.

Standing nearby, Brenton overheard the conversation and quickly offered to assist the member by using the Securityplus corporate vehicle to drive her to the nearest branch and then take her home. Sensing the member’s hesitancy, Charlotte further assisted by joining them both on the ride so the member would feel more comfortable. Although they each had a busy workload, their willingness to take the time and help the member made a positive difference.

The Positive Difference Award program honors Securityplus employees who are member-focused and community proud.