Wine Me Up Wednesday!

The CU Foundation Wine Event is virtual this year, so what are you waiting for? Wine Me Up is a fun way to support grants and programs for credit union professionals and volunteers.  

UnknownThe CU Foundation MD|DC's New Virtual Wine Me Up Pull Site is Open! In less than 5 days donors claimed over 163 bottles of premium wine from the Wine Me Up Cellar and there are only 62 left!

One bottle of $180 Dom Perignon is claimed, but another is still on our shelf!

All bottles are valued between $20 and $180, so Claim your wine - only $20 per pull!

  • Each bottle will be labeled with a numbered sticker – all bottles range in value from $20 to $150+ Pulled bottle(s) will be available at the Columbia offices of the Association/Foundation for participants to pick-up.  (Curbside pick-up will be available, and delivery may be arranged out, too.)

  • Thank you for supporting the Credit Union Foundation MD|DC!. Please share it with your friends and colleagues!

  • Visit Wine Pull Site