Securityplus FCU Provides Employees Day Off to Vote

Securityplus Federal Credit Union recently made the decision to close operations and provide a paid day off to staff on Election Day, Tuesday, November 3rd, 2020.

Securityplus LogoTagline FINALThe right to vote is the foundation of any democracy, yet voter turnout in the United States is disappointingly low. One of the main reasons registered voters give as a reason not to vote is the fact that they are too busy with the demands of life and work.

β€œ2020 has certainly been a very difficult year for everyone,” stated Brett Noll, Securityplus CEO. β€œThe election process in 2020 may incur additional challenges due to the pandemic situation or other unforeseen factors. Our organization wants to do everything we can to remove any stress or hardship our employees may face when casting their ballot or helping their family members get to the polling station.”

Securityplus is strongly encouraging staff to use the time granted to exercise their right to vote, helping others cast their vote, or even volunteering to work at polling stations. Although this is not planned to be an annual event, unless Election Day becomes a Federal Holiday, the Credit Union hopes the effort will lead to better participation in elections in future years.