NRL Federal Credit Union Announces Name Change

Alexandria, Virginia-based NRL Federal Credit Union (NRLFCU) will soon become Spectra Credit Union.

Spectra Logo Pantone H 01

NRLFCU’s Board of Directors and Executive Management team announced the change to their 24,000 members in late August. The new name will officially take effect on Oct 12, 2021.

“As the Chairperson for NRL Federal Credit Union, I want to share the excitement of the entire Board of Directors for the Credit Union’s name change and rebranding to Spectra Credit Union. We sought a name that reflects the Naval Research Lab (NRL) foundation while also projecting the inclusiveness that is at the core of our mission. The term Spectra does both. We have confidence that rebranding will help the Credit Union reach its full potential – and thereby fulfill our vision of helping all of our members reach their full financial potential.” said Dr. Mary Kappus.

The new Spectra brand also emphasizes diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI), corporate social responsibility (CSR), and a commitment to support the credit union's local communities. More than 60% of the credit union’s staff are people of color and the organization is primarily led by women - including the CEO, CFO, and COO. The Credit Union’s proven commitment to DEI and CSR is a differentiator among other financial institutions.

“Our founders at NRL are innovators. They inspire us to stay on a constant search for better, faster, stronger solutions to our members’ everyday financial challenges,” said Shultz. “With our new updated brand, we look forward to attracting significantly more members within the greater D.C. area.”

When the new name launches in October, members will enjoy a new, improved website and online banking interface, newly branded debit/credit cards, and updated branches. In addition, a new full-service retail branch is coming in late 2021 in Alexandria, VA, along with more robust services for small businesses.

To learn more about the new name and preview what’s coming soon, visit