Carla Decker Joins IDB Global Federal Credit Union

IDB Global Federal Credit Union has named Carla Decker as the new COO assuming her role last week.

GAC2022 280Decker’s deep-rooted experience in mission-driven credit union roles will serve her well as the operational leader for IDB Global Federal Credit Union. She brings 30-years of credit union leadership experience with past roles, including both President and Operations Manager of successful credit unions in the DC locale.

Decker says, "I am excited to work with the great staff at IDB Global Federal Credit Union. In addition, I am drawn to the strong reputation and mission of both the Credit Union and the Inter-American Development Bank. Together – with my new teammates – I look forward to a great future serving our members and improving lives in the IDB Community as a whole. "

IDB Global Federal Credit Union is dedicated to serving its members’ financial needs as their Financial Partners Anytime, Anywhere! Decker will help to fulfill this mission by managing the operational teams while driving and fostering a member-centric ecosystem. Her leadership experience, combined with her passion for community service, will benefit both the internal staff and Credit Union members.

IDB Global Federal Credit Union CEO Chip Lusk adds, "Carla Decker is a recognized leader in the credit union industry and the Latin American community in Washington, DC. We are thrilled to add her experience to our team as the next Chief Operating Officer at IDB Global Federal Credit Union."

Decker’s service is evident beyond the walls of leadership positions. She has served on multiple boards, including the National Cooperative Business Association and Inclusiv. Additionally, Decker designs and crafts curriculum for international Credit Union Development Education programs and has helped graduate over 1,200 credit union leaders from the Caribbean. In 2017, she earned the Joe Biden Educator of the Year Award from the International Credit Union Leadership Foundation, and she co-founded the National Association of Latino Credit Unions and Professionals.

Carla Decker holds a master’s degree in International Commerce and Politics and a bachelor’s degree in General Studies and Finance. The IDB Global Federal Credit Union team is excited to help her transition and excel in the new role.