CUNA Mutual Group: A Trusted Partner

CUNA Mutual Group is our trusted business partner supporting the work of Maryland and District of Columbia credit unions and their over 2.2 million members.

GAC2022 280Collaboration is the cornerstone of what makes the credit union movement successful. Through our annual meeting, chapter meetings, roundtables, and other gatherings, the MD|DC Credit Union Association provides a variety of opportunities for our member credit unions to collaborate with us, as well as other credit unions and our carefully selected partners. By working together, your Association and our partners are able to help your credit union thrive and further your mission of helping your members achieve financial wellness.

One of our primary strategic partners is CUNA Mutual Group. For over 85 years CUNA Mutual Group has been providing insurance and investment products to credit unions and their members to help them build financial security. CUNA Mutual Group also invests in the credit union movement by giving back to our community, donating more than $147 million over the last five years.

In addition to sponsoring numerous events throughout the year, including our Annual Meeting and Convention, CUNA Mutual Group collaborates with us on a wide range of advocacy issues by providing thought leadership and industry insight as we work to protect the interests of the MD|DC Credit Union Association members. Our relationship with CUNA Mutual Group is invaluable in helping us achieve our mission of serving our members.

We appreciate the support of CUNA Mutual Group, our trusted business partner, as we work together to advocate for and support the work of the Maryland and District of Columbia credit unions and their over 2.2 million members.