Exceptional Leader Scholarship Winner Announced

The MD|DC Credit Union Association is pleased to announce a full scholarship to Rachel Bosh-Mulvanity from Del-One federal Credit Union. She is the recipient of The Exceptional Leader Scholarship, our most popular leadership program to date.

Rachel was awarded the scholarship based on her response to the question “what do believe are the most important qualities of a leader?”

The scholarship is provided by the MD|DC Credit Union Association and Envision Excellence LLC, a professional leadership consulting firm founded by Laurie Maddalena, a former executive of a $450 million credit union.

The Exceptional Leader program is ideal for managers, directors, supervisors and emerging leaders. The program starts in September 2018 and covers the most important areas for being an effective and successful leader. Participants will meet monthly for five hours over the course of the program. For more information on the exceptional leader program, please click on the link below.

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