JMFA Conducting 2022 Marketing & Growth Study

JMFA intends to create an overview of the challenges facing financial institutions today and share what steps CUs are taking to address them. 

JMFA Thumbdownload 3There is a great deal of uncertainty regarding market conditions, regulatory expectations and how best to address consumer financial service needs. In addition to helping credit unions and community banks succeed with their overdraft program, JMFA provides guidance and solutions for other priorities and initiatives, as well.

Based on opportunities and disruptions in the industry, their team is compiling an overview of the challenges facing financial institutions today, as well as observations of what steps credit unions and community banks are planning for the new year. JMFA invites you to share your insights by taking a short survey about your high-level growth goals for 2022.

For instance, will your existing branch footprint remain effective amid ongoing COVID-19 concerns and an increase in remote work? What’s your strategy for attracting new, younger account relationships? To acquire more earnings or improve service delivery, do you need help improving efficiencies?

JMFA’s team of expert consultants is continually evaluating new opportunities and studying challenges in the market that impact existing service strategies and outcomes. We look forward to sharing the results of the study when it is completed.