Webinar: Bank Failures and Member Confidence!

Attend this webinar hosted by InfoSight to learn more about the Account Insurance Estimator - it's a dues-supported tool that will help you assure your members that their money is safe.

While many of us in the industry are curious to know more of the details around exactly what went wrong with the recent bank failures, our members’ concern is probably not, “what went wrong” but rather, a question of “is my money safe?”. 

InfoSightWith a failure of this magnitude, your members are concerned and asking about NCUSIF coverage and the general safety of their funds. The general confidence in the banking sector is top of mind, especially given what most of us remember and lived through in 2008. While not necessarily specific to credit unions, it’s important for us to consider industry reputational risks and address how they’re being assessed and mitigated within the credit union. 

It’s no secret, NCUSIF coverage is not easy for employees to understand and many credit unions provide NCUA created “coverage information” to members- which doesn’t assure them or help with account coverage at your credit union. One way to help equip employees to answer questions about NCUSIF coverage is through the Account Insurance EstimatorCourtesy of your League/Association and available directly from the InfoSight dashboard, your credit union and all employees have their own excellent member coverage solution in the Account Insurance Estimator. With this tool, you will instantly assure members about coverage, estimate all key coverages for members, provide excellent service and train all your employees to help members.

Want to learn more and take advantage of this dues-supported tool, today? Please attend a webinar hosted by League InfoSight on:

Tuesday, March 21st at 1:00 pm ET ; or

Wednesday, March 22nd at 2:00 pm ET

How are your employees being prepared to answer questions and build confidence in your credit union? Get the information you need!

Contributed by: Glory LeDu, CEO League InfoSight and CU Risk Intelligence