MD|DC CUA to Launch the Viribus Task Force

Viribus, meaning strength in Latin, is a collaborative working group for Credit Union Affiliates with $50 million or less in assets.

The Small Asset Task Force will be a proactive, project-oriented group that will address multiple challenges with the overarching goal of seeking to help its members remain relevant and grow. The Task Force will be led by a Steering Committee of 5 people with Jeff Goff, CEO of WSSC Federal Credit Union serving as the Committee Chair. The committee plans to select members to head special projects like CECL, CDFI, and Secondary Capital.

“This is an exciting time to collaborate with other credit unions in a collective atmosphere to help with membership growth and explore the tools available for smaller credit unions,” said Jeff Goff, CEO of WSSC Federal Credit Union.

The Veribus Task Force Objectives include:
-Providing an ongoing feedback loop to the Association regarding education, and advocacy and services
-Sharing pertinent information, experiences, and materials among the group
-Assisting the Credit Union Services Corporation with evaluating existing and potential strategic partners-Maintaining a portal of relevant documents which can serve a resource library

The Task Force Steering Committee will meet 4 times per year at the MD|DC Credit Union Association office in Columbia, MD.  The Small Asset Size Conference will be held in the fall. Ongoing communication and collaboration will be held on the Facebook Workspace community.

For More Information on the Veribus Task Force please contact:
Leslie Poole, SVP of Credit Union Solutions