Participate in the Superhero Challenge Before AMC

Association CEO John Bratsakis, and NIH FCU CEO and Board Chair Rick Wieczorek, are teaming up to fight financial fraud. By completing Senior Safeguard, you can help them with their mission!


They are issuing the “Superhero Challenge.” Here’s how it works: if 1,000 credit union employees are trained and certified through Senior Safeguard by June 2, 2019, the start of our Annual Meeting & Convention, John and Rick will appear as superheroes at the closing reception on June 4. The dynamic duo is still deciding which caped crusader or villain to represent, but they will definitely look “marvel”-ous!

You don’t need to be more powerful than a locomotive to get started with Senior Safeguard, just encourage your employees to visit: to register. The online training modules can be completed in a little over an hour. All employees receive a certificate to proudly display in their work area!

The training is FREE to all affiliated credit unions. In June the Association will begin offering Senior Safeguard to credit unions to share for free with their members. If you have any questions, please contact Michelle Byrnie-Parker at 

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