eTrain Webinars to Address Workforce Challenges During the Coronavirus Pandemic

On Monday, March 23, 2020, eTrain will host two webinars to address the business difficulties you may face during this challenging time.

Governance During Crisis: Board Leadership Amidst the Coronavirus Outbreak Webinar

For many of you, your credit union’s crisis preparedness plan is being tested as we speak. If it’s not, it likely will be within days or even hours. As a board, you will be challenged as well. This webinar will discuss the governance spectrum between boards that are 1) too strong and too involved on the one side and 2) too weak or disengaged, and a board that governs strategically.

Board Governance area’s to be covered include:
Supporting the CEO
Accountability and Innovation
Your Credit Unions Reputation
Board Meetings Online
Strategic Plans
Post-crisis Analysis

  • The webinar is hosted by Kevin Smith from TEAM Resources. Kevin has worked with Directors, CEOs, Executive Management, and Staff of credit unions since 2004. Before joining TEAM Resources in 2015, Kevin spent 10 years at the Credit Union National Association (CUNA) in the Center for Professional Development as Director of Volunteer Education.

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Coping With COVID-19: Your Business Continuity Planning and Preparedness Plan
Disaster can come in many forms and sizes, not just pandemics.  Is your credit union prepared for all of them? Join Steve Gibbs of Credit Union Resources as he discusses the business continuity issues you would face after these costly and devastating events, and how to ensure your institution has a complete Business Continuity Planning and Preparedness Plan in place.

Steve Gibbs of Cornerstone Resources analyzes and discusses the challenges of business continuity issues and risks in the face of these costly and devastating events.  This will include strategies to maintain a robust and evolving Pandemic and Disaster Management Program to include Business Continuity and Resumption Preparedness.

This session examines:
Elements of effective disaster recovery/business resumption plans
Preparedness – being proactive with pandemic and disaster
Protecting members, their savings and their information
Regulators and local authorities: partners in the success of your plan
Communication challenges in the face of chaos and disaster
Recovery and the return to “new normal” – the rebuilding process and expectations

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