DC Cadets and Recruits get a Taste of the Real - World

The Financial Reality Fair held at the Metropolitan Police Department in Washington D.C. was hosted by the DC Chapter of the MD|DC Credit Union Association. 

Police Cadet Smaller

     (A Cadet considering her loan options after buying a new car)

Maryland and DC area Credit Unions volunteered to help young cadets and recruits get a taste of the real- world through live financial simulations. The Cadets and recruits were put through a series of financial situations, that forced them to decide the most responsible financial course of action. They had to figure out how to live within their means while tending to monthly responsibilities like rent, car payments, transportation, clothing, and food. 

"Law enforcement is a demanding job but learning how to manage money and stick to a budget can help proved peace of mind and security to young cadets who are starting their careers," said John Bratsakis, CEO of the MD|DC Credit Union Association. 

Volunteers delighted in helping young Cadets and recruits think seriously about their financial futures, and the Cadets were educated on the importance of financial planning. 150 Cadets and recruits were in attendance for the reality fair. The Maryland and DC Credit Union Association would like to thank all of the volunteers who helped out at the event.